Macro Solutions Attends ACT-IAC Management of Change Conference

Macro Solutions attended the 2016 ACT-IAC Management of Change Conference held in Cambridge, Maryland on May 22-24. Todd Hager, Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, led Session 2: “Applying and Implementing Analytics – How to, When to, and Why” with Damanjit Padam, Vice President, Technical Solutions, providing subject matter expertise in the area of analytics within the government. These interactive sessions showcase initiatives where government and industry leaders are striking new ground and provide all attendees with actionable insights into navigating the current IT crossroads. The session included case studies focused on GSA, DOT, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the City of Boston.

The abstract is as follows:

Analytics Boot Camp for Implementation: This interactive session will build upon the fundamental understanding developed in Session 1 and give you the methods for effective implementation of analytics and an analytics program. How do I start? When should analytics be used? What challenges will I face? Why would analytics improve programs and the citizen experience? The session will provide a framework for implementation; a roadmap to implementing analytics within your own organization.