A Formidable Force in the Federal Contracting Market – Why 2019 Brings New Opportunity at Macro Solutions

2018 was a breakthrough year for Macro Solutions. Contract awards, industry awards, and recognition from our peers demonstrated how far we’ve come in our corporate evolution as a capable and formidable competitor on nearly any opportunity we’re pursuing.

As we have evolved, we have purposely been moving away from an earlier reliance on small business opportunities, and have, instead, been devising innovative strategies that have enabled us to compete effectively against much larger competition.

While past performance is critical to federal contracting success (something we’ve proved, year-over-year, by bringing innovative cloud, DevOps, and other solutions to DoDHHS, a banking regulatory and insurance agency, and other federal agencies), what truly sets us apart is our innate nimbleness and agility.

It’s how we built the business from the bottom-up, not just deploying Agile in our development efforts, but in our business operations too. This “accidental strategy of Agile” has helped us pivot when our clients need us to, focus on the user experience as a driver, and support federal agencies as they modernize their IT infrastructures. It also means we get things done faster, more cost-effectively, and of better quality than our competitors.

Proving Ourselves 

Our gradual shift from pursuing smaller, less risky procurements toward much larger, complex opportunities, hasn’t changed our approach, it’s made us better. More experienced people and a broader footprint affords us a level of depth and reach to confidently take the next step in our development.  But, as an “emerging” company, we fully understand that we don’t have the luxury of simply relying on a name; we must continually prove ourselves in order to sustain the progress we’ve made thus far.

We will do this, as we have always done, by focusing on a handful of key areas that differentiate us from others – such as building a reusability framework for enterprise applications, putting Agile at the heart of all we do, placing a laser focus on the needs of our customers, and maximizing success rates while minimizing cost and risk. In doing so, we continue to show that being on the smaller side of a large market sector is not such a bad thing!

Our Wins

2018 was also a banner year for Macro Solutions in terms of industry recognition.

Some of those wins include being named to Inc. Magazine’s annual Inc. 5000, an elite ranking of the nation’s fastest-growing private companies, thanks to our three-year sales growth of 76%. We were also named one of The Washington Post’s 2018 Top Workplacesand one of the Top-Performing Small Technology Companies in Greater D.C. by the Washington Business Journal.

Federal contracting wins came thick and fast too, including the highly competitive U.S. Army ITES-3S prime contract award. We also secured two prime contracts with a federal financial regulatory agency: One which will see us providing core continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) support for more than 250 applications, and a second, which focuses on the use of Agile methods to deliver a cloud-based application to provide open data access.

On a personal note, I was honored to be selected as a finalist for several distinguished awards including the 2018 Greater Washington Government Contractor Awards presented by the Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce, and the Women in Technology Leadership Awards in the Small Business/Entrepreneur category.

While there are always shifting budgetary priorities to navigate – to say nothing of the continuously changing nature of the IT industry itself – our outlook is bright, and we look forward to continued growth and success for our clients in 2019.