Advancing RPA Adoption and Success in the Federal Government: A Discussion with Jim Walker, Former CTO of UiPath

In this three-part series, I’ve had the pleasure of sitting down with Jim Walker, former public sector evangelist and CTO for Americas at UiPath to discuss how federal agencies can get started with their RPA programs and then scale their RPA initiatives through functionality and engagement.

In the final video in this series, Jim and I talk about how and why RPA adoption in the federal government is gaining speed even quicker than cloud computing is and how agencies can and should continue that momentum.

Take a listen. We discuss:

  • How RPA is saving time and money at more than 90 federal agencies
  • The role of grassroots mentoring, consortiums, and communities of practice in advancing RPA initiatives
  • How agencies who are further along in their intelligent automation journey can help those who are just getting started
  • And more!