Together, let’s modernize government – and consulting. 

Why join Macro Solutions? Because we’re changing the way consultants live and work.

Employee happiness isn’t just our goal here. It’s our core belief – that happy, grounded consultants are the engine that drives successful client engagements.

Which is why we invest more time, more effort, more resources, and more imagination into crafting our employee experiences than any other company you’ll find.

Experiences like one-on-one career coaching, unrivaled support for personal community involvement and philanthropy, and the chance to work on the cutting edge of government technology modernization – with the newest and most powerful tools, platforms, and techniques at your disposal.

But it’s more than just a list of perks. At Macro Solutions, we’re striving to build a “culture of connectedness” you can feel – even when you’re working off-site.

That’s the core idea behind Consultant Care, a unique program in which an executive member of our corporate staff acts as your dedicated consultant advocate, to help make sure you’re positioned for maximum success. It’s an always-open channel for discussing project statuses, salaries, training, even commute times – or any other concerns you may have – in a relaxed, congenial way.

Add to this our highly competitive salaries and great benefits, and you’ll see how we’re working tirelessly to make the traditional consulting experience better and more personal.

Our results so far? An impressive 97% employee retention rate – which ranks among the top in our industry.

Come see us, and let’s talk about what modernized consulting can mean for you.