Code Modernization

Unlock Intelligence from Legacy Government Code

Overcome even the most complex source code challenges – code loss, knowledge loss, security, and business continuity – and derive intelligence from treasure troves of government data

Our proven agile, intent-centric approach to code modernization reduces effort, eliminates complexity, ensures compliance with federal modernization mandates, and delivers secure, cloud-ready code and insights that would otherwise take years to realize.

How We Help

Too often, legacy code modernization approaches fail to address government imperatives such as reducing technical debt, cost, and time to value. Neither do they support complex systems and maintainability or confirm code intent.

AI tooling, automation, and Agile differentiate our methodology. It’s a proven approach to code modernization that ensures rapid delivery, secure maintainable code, reduced risk, and a lower cost of ownership. It can also be applied to any software stack – no matter how old, complex, or laden with technical debt.

Our Capabilities

We leverage an Agile, customer-centric, incremental approach to code modernization that starts with a proof of concept (PoC), scales to full implementation, and ensures a validated investment before the full system is deployed.

Strategic Advisory and Assessment Services

Macro Solutions will guide your code modernization strategy and ensure your transformation aligns with business requirements, IT environment, and long-term enterprise vision.

Our advisory and assessment services build trust and confidence – while reducing risk. We analyze existing code, develop a clearly-defined roadmap, and establish a PoC plan. Our approach continuously engages stakeholders to confirm intent and ensure validation.

Build and Test

We leverage highly automated AI-enabled code modernization to our reengineering approach to rapidly and accurately generate code in the target technology.

We prove our approach by rebuilding code from source to the new target using best practices for security and quality. Then we test and repeat the process.

Deploy and Operate

Our deploy and operate approach expands the PoC to iteratively build an end-to-end solution, convert data, and prepare for data migration and deployment of the production system. This incremental methodology ensures the investment is validated at each stage of delivery.

After the deployment of your modernized system, Macro Solutions also provides operating services to ensure a seamless continuation of support, maintenance, security, and enhancements.


The Macro Difference

For over 23 years, Macro has helped federal agencies like Army, Navy, GSA, FDA, TSA, HHS, Smithsonian, USDA, HUD, VA, WMATA, and federal financial regulatory agencies truly transform even the most complex federal systems and applications into flexible, intuitive, self-service solutions. Solutions that deliver true value, meet data and security requirements, reduce risk, and comply with legislation such as the Legacy IT Reduction Act (2022) and make the case for Technology Modernization Fund (TMF) investment.

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