Elevating the Way the Government Works: Macro Joins Workday Ecosystem as an Advisory Partner in the Federal Marketplace

The past two years have taught us many things. Key among them is the way the federal government works has changed and will continue to evolve.

Indeed, the same forces that have disrupted the private sector, including new hybrid work models, exploding volumes of data, more connected and informed employees, and an aging infrastructure amplify a need for continuous transformation.

Nowhere is this more keenly felt than in the arena of human capital management (HCM) and financial management – two areas where rigid and outdated systems, siloed data, and clunky manual processes, create complexity, delay responsiveness, and hinder “big picture” insights.

But how can federal agencies navigate this massive change? The answer lies in Macro’s new advisory partnership with Workday.

Macro Solutions has 21 years of experience streamlining federal HCM and financial management processes within enterprise-scale ERP systems, and that experience tells us that federal organizations recognize that their legacy systems are unable to meet the core mission. But while urgent change is needed, simply “lifting and shifting” aging ERP systems to a hosted data center is not the answer. In most cases, such migration won’t offer the agility, scalability, and security that federal agencies need.

That’s because migrating legacy systems requires large up-front investments and expensive recurring upgrades later. More importantly, shoehorning an old solution into a new environment often creates unforeseen challenges while circumventing the innovation mindset needed to serve today’s constituents.

That is why we are championing a different approach. Through our new partnership with the leader in enterprise cloud applications for human capital and financial management – Workday – we can help federal agencies navigate change and prepare to thrive in the future.

What the Macro Solutions/Workday partnership means for the federal government

As one of Workday’s Advisory Partners in the Federal Marketplace, we will pair our extensive experience in federal HCM and financial management with Workday cloud-based ERP solutions.

By teaming with Workday, we can help our federal clients deploy leading solutions that help them transform their operations and gain real-time operational visibility and self-service capabilities – creating a simpler, more connected experience for employees.

Through an HCM lens, agency leaders can more effectively identify and fill skills gaps, accelerate hiring and onboarding, improve worker engagement, and provide self-service opportunities so employees can plan and achieve their professional goals.

Through a financial management lens, finance teams benefit from a simplified and automated accounting process. Meanwhile, finance leaders can capture details from every financial transaction to inform planning, forecast revenues, build expense budgets, model decision making against funding levels, and more.

What truly differentiates Workday from traditional ERP, is that it’s the only enterprise application that unifies a variety of capabilities to better serve and inform all teams, not just HR and finance. With a single cloud-based system, agencies can drive and manage change in areas such as payroll and workforce management, financial management, spend management, contract lifecycle management, benchmarking and analytics, enterprise and operational planning – and more.

By uniting under a single source of truth, these departments can better work cross-functionally to align business processes, break down silos, and create more dynamic solutions to critical challenges – at their own pace.

And that’s where Macro steps in.

The Macro difference

With our in-depth knowledge and experience, we can help federal agencies determine a forward-thinking strategy with Workday that meets their needs in a way that quickly maximizes business value. We also guide them through the planning, program, and change management processes, seamlessly expanding their catalog of Workday capabilities when the time comes.

Additionally, Macro has a deep understanding of the tools and techniques employed within the federal security environment that ensure fast, efficient, and risk-reduced platform deployments. Furthermore, Workday’s security controls meet the FedRAMP standards required by federal agencies. Workday attained FedRAMP Moderate Ready status in 2021 and is on target to achieve FedRAMP Moderate Authority to Operate (ATO) status in the Spring of 2022.

How can your agency get started?

As the federal government looks to modernize and elevate the way it works, from small fixes to massive transformations, our partnership with Workday is a step forward in our efforts to help agencies digitally transform enterprise systems.

Available on our convenient and easy-to-use contract vehicles, contact us today to learn more about how we can help your agency achieve a quick and efficient path to simplifying its approach to HCM and finance, automate manual processes, and continuously adapt to change.