Empowering Youth, Igniting Change: Macro’s Commitment to Education Equity

By Todd Barnes, Co-Founder and COO

Education is a cornerstone of society. It shapes individuals, families, communities, and the workplace and is the springboard to opportunities, entrepreneurship, and wealth. Yet, education inequity is a systemic problem in the United States, whether due to poverty, racism, or lack of investment.

Consider the statistics:

  • Schools with a 90%+ minority, immigrant student population spend $733 less per student than 90%+ white student schools.
  • High-income students are 7x more likely to finish a degree than low-income students.
  • Districts with the most students of color get $1,800 less in state and local funds than those with the fewest.

At Macro Solutions, we believe that quality education should be a fundamental right. Moreover, we recognize the pivotal role that corporations can play in addressing educational disparities. Investing in education isn’t just about building a skilled workforce; it’s about nurturing the next generation of leaders and driving sustainable economic growth.

In line with our values, we have a rich tradition of giving back to our communities and supporting initiatives aimed at improving educational and fostering youth empowerment. Today we are proud to highlight our partnership with three vital organizations: Teach for America, BUILD, and BRIDGES.

Let’s look at these organizations and their considerable impact on education equity and youth empowerment.

  1. Teach for America (TFA)

TFA is close to my heart. A national nonprofit organization committed to confronting education inequity in low-income public schools, TFA works within communities to ensure a brighter future for students. For example, the Washington D.C. chapter, where I serve on the board, works tirelessly to train, coach, and place individuals committed to changing outcomes for kids in over 45 schools across the region through teaching and building a diverse school systems leadership pipeline. These mission-driven leaders come from every academic major, occupation, and background to illuminate every learner.

Consider the impact:

  • TFA has transformed education for 64,000 students in the region (25% of whom live in poverty) via a network of 3,610 alumni and corps of educators.
  • Data shows that students were more proficient in reading and math in schools led by TFA alumni.
  • In 2023, TFA increased its incoming corps of educators by nearly 60%.

All are helping D.C. rank among the country’s fastest-improving urban school districts. Read more in TFA DC region’s latest impact report.

  1. BUILD Metro DC

BUILD helps students in under-resourced communities build career success, learn entrepreneurial skills, and become “the CEOs of their own lives.”

Since its launch in 2009, BUILD Metro DC has been a critical feature for the city in engaging students from under-resourced communities through a four-year entrepreneurship, business development, and post-secondary readiness model.

The BUILD program relies heavily on volunteers, and Macro takes great pride in providing business coaching and professional mentoring to its students. Our CEO, Amy Wright, was a founding board member of BUILD Metro DC and has been a steadfast advocate of the organization for over 15 years. Currently, Grant Williams, Macro’s Director for Business Development, serves on BUILD’s advisory board, further demonstrating our commitment to the organization’s mission.

BUILD has fueled student progress and has transformed D.C. into one of the fastest improving urban districts in the country. Since its inception, BUILD has served 1,802 students, cultivated 624 mentors, and supported 323 youth businesses in the region.


Based in Memphis, TN, BRIDGES USA inspires young people to become catalysts for change in their communities. Through life skills workshops, leadership development programs, and one-year community service projects, BRIDGES equips students with the tools needed to effect positive transformation in their communities.

Based in Memphis herself, Amy Wright is actively involved in BRIDGES, exemplifying the company’s commitment to empowering youth nationwide.

In total, 2,044 youth have participated in BRIDGES across 30 schools and youth-serving organizations in 49 zip codes.

Impact and Progress

TFA, BUILD, and BRIDGES are just three of the organizations that Macro actively supports. In addition, our employees participate and volunteer in a number of workplace philanthropy programs which we are proud to match with grants, donations, and more.

Through Macro’s philanthropic efforts, tangible impact is being felt across communities. Whether it’s through increased college retention rates, entrepreneurial success stories, or the emergence of confident young leaders, Macro’s contributions are fueling progress and fostering a brighter future for generations to come.

Learn more about our efforts to affect change in our communities and the nonprofit partnerships we champion.