Enabling Federal IT-as-a-Service with a Fresh, Innovative, Proven Approach

Federal IT is being disrupted. Driven by regulation, budget constraints, and the need to deliver more value-driven capabilities, agencies are seeking to optimize their current technology services, improve IT operations, and replace legacy technologies.

This year, Gartner posits that government IT will need to adopt fresh, transformative approaches to managing the IT services that enable their customers’ mission. But, how does the IT operation deliver the right capabilities required by the business in a timely and cost-efficient way?

Federal IT leaders must navigate significant complexities

This requirement is a common theme among Macro Solutions’ federal customers and increasingly defines the interaction between the business and IT. These drivers and challenges raise complicated questions for federal CIOs. How do they simplify and manage this process more efficiently? How do they close the gap between IT and the mission? And how can they increase the velocity of IT to deliver value to the mission faster and in alignment with user requirements?

This is where our Continuous Value Office or CVO comes in.

Building a responsive, service-driven IT operating model

From a foundation rooted in ITIL (a framework of best practices for delivering IT services) and focused on transformative services delivery and continuous improvement; the CVO takes lessons learned from DevOps to make the right services available, quickly and securely. In this way, the CVO drives value to the business and its customers in alignment with the agency mission.

A responsive and proven service-driven IT operating model, the CVO enables IT to shift from a reactive mode so they can concentrate on serving the enterprise mission. With it, federal agencies are lowering IT costs while delivering greater return on investments in application modernization and digital transformation. This drives further value to the organization while continuously improving service delivery to customers.

To learn more about the CVO, stay tuned for future blogs in which we dive into the various practices that enable this transformative approach.