Macro Solutions and Holonic Technologies’ Solution for Legacy Code Modernization Deemed Awardable on DoD’s Tradewinds Marketplace

Washington, D.C. – February 1, 2024

Macro Solutions, an established strategic IT and business management consulting firm, and Holonic Technologies, Inc.,  a provider of AI platform, CodeIntent®, announced today that Holonic’s legacy code modernization technology has achieved “Awardable” status through the Tradewinds Solutions Marketplace.

The Marketplace provides a venue for DoD organizations to search, compare, discuss, negotiate, and procure data, analytics, digital, and AI/ML capabilities solutions through rapid acquisition procedures. All solutions featured in the marketplace have been assessed, vetted, and are readily awardable.

Aging IT systems threaten mission readiness, and extended modernization efforts often compound technical debt. This AI-accelerated code modernization solution enables the DoD to efficiently retire legacy code, resolve cybersecurity vulnerabilities, and identify and repair flaws in intent and implementation. Holonic’s CodeIntent tool refactors the original software and regenerates it in a customer-specified language, architecture, or platform. Macro Solutions provides proven agile methods to test, scale, and deploy the new solution – in addition to creating the modern solution product roadmap, initiatives, milestones, performing change management, training, and strategic communications, and leading full lifecycle DevSecOps.

“The government has struggled for decades with the unsupportable cost of managing legacy systems and the failure of expensive application modernization initiatives,” said Amy Wright, president of Macro Solutions. “Unlike other code conversion tools, this solution analyzes the source code to identify its intent and then leverages AI to address security flaws, architecture concerns, and design issues. Most importantly, results can be seen in months rather than years.”

“By partnering with Macro Solutions, we can now offer our DoD customers a trusted resource for implementation and DevSecOps with deep expertise in complex government systems,” said Sanjiv Desai, CEO of Holonic Technologies, Inc. “We are excited to leverage the power of AI to solve the persistent challenge of application modernization for the DoD.

Government customers interested in learning more about the code modernization solution can create an account on the Tradewinds Solution Marketplace at and view the solution video.


About Macro Solutions

Macro Solutions is a woman-owned information technology and management consulting firm that helps companies and government organizations select, implement, modernize, integrate, and maintain critical end-to-end business solutions. Assessed at CMMI Maturity Level 3 for both Development and Services, ISO 9001:2015 for Quality Management Systems, ISO 20000:2018 for Information Technology Service Management and ISO 27001:2013 for Information Security Management Systems certifications, Macro Solutions delivers honest, powerful results from the inside, outward. For more information about Macro Solutions’ public sector offerings, visit:


About Holonic Technologies

Holonic Technologies provides a deterministic, semantic, AI-driven, machine-learning platform called CodeIntent® that transforms existing software on any stack to a proprietary canonical form, allowing Holonic to refactor the original software, identify and repair flaws in the intent and the implementation, and regenerate the software in a customer-specified language, architecture, or platform. CodeIntent automatically rectifies its customers’ code inefficiencies, eliminates compounded technical debt, and provides optimized code for efficient ongoing development. CodeIntent has been under development for over two decades. Holonic Technologies is headquartered in Atlanta, GA, with research and development based in Tucson, AZ. For more information, please visit: