Scaling RPA Through Functionality and Engagement: A Discussion with Jim Walker, Former CTO of UiPath

If you missed my recent conversation with Jim Walker, former public sector evangelist and CTO for Americas at UiPath, check it out here. We discussed best practices that federal agencies can leverage to get started with RPA programs.

But what happens after the initial excitement of that critical first automation project, whether it’s a proof of concept or a pilot?

In the second video in this series, Jim and I discuss how agencies can build on the momentum of their early projects and continue to capitalize on success.

Take a listen. We discuss:

  • How to realize value across the organization through intelligent automation
  • The importance of engaging with functional end users through ideation sessions
  • How federal agencies can use RPA to overcome backlogs (think passport delays) – in a matter of days
  • Using a roadmap to build momentum and keep projects on track