Business Architecture

Understanding and delivering value through better business capabilities.

According to Gartner, “Business Architecture provides critical guidance to help integrate business strategic planning and execution.  Organizations that support business architecture have a significantly greater ability to execute their business strategy”.

Macro Solutions’ approach to business architecture is informed by the BIZBOK, Gartner and Technology Business Management (TBM) to help the business of government to align with IT, providing the capabilities agency’s customers value.  Articulated in value streams, business capabilities and organization maps, business architecture aligns the business and enabling IT to serve customers’ needs.

An organization that understands its business architecture gets value through cost savings (aligning the right supporting services while eliminating the waste of misaligned processes and technology) and higher customer satisfaction (more tightly aligning capabilities to customer need).

Service Offering

The business of government has never been more challenged to do more with limited resources.  Aligning an agency’s capabilities with their customers’ needs is good in theory but difficult in practice.  Business capabilities are seen more through a lens of technology than ever before.  How services are rendered electronically is often how an agency is judged by its customers.  Finding ways to get better alignment while reducing costly waste and inefficiency will both improve customer service while reducing overall cost.

Macro Solutions’ approach to business architecture aligns business capabilities to customer needs through:

  • Process capture and value stream articulation
  • Development of future state roadmaps with initiatives to achieve the future state business architecture
  • Identification and elimination of waste and inefficiencies
  • Combine customer-preferred tooling with supporting reference models and standards
  • Continuous focus on driving value with measurable results

Applications, Methods & Tools

Macro Solutions utilizes a blend of industry reference models, standards, and highly effective subject matter expert(s) to empower organizations with the tools and methods necessary to transform any organization into a value producing success story.

  • Macro Solutions’ Business Architecture Playbook
  • Business capability articulation through Value Streams, Stakeholder Maps, Current State and Future State Modeling
  • ITIL, IT4IT, Gartner, TBM and Business Architecture Body of Knowledge (BIZBOK) supporting tools and material