Banking Regulatory Compliance

Financial institution regulatory readiness.

Macro Solutions is a financial systems technology and compliance consulting firm that helps companies and government organizations implement, maintain and transform their critical end-to-end business solutions to ensure compliance.

Over our nearly 20-year history we have worked closely with a variety of federal regulatory agencies and their customers to support the technical underpinnings of resolution and receivership.  Our team has a thorough understanding of the insurance determination rule set, the recordkeeping requirements for timely deposit insurance determination, and the system requirements of the FDIC Part 370 rule.

Service Offering

The “Recordkeeping for Timely Deposit Insurance Determination” rule (FDIC’s 12 CFR Part 370) requires insured depository institutions with >2 million deposits to configure their IT systems to be capable of calculating the insured and uninsured amount in each deposit account by ownership right and capacity, and maintain complete and accurate information needed by the FDIC to determine deposit insurance coverage for each deposit account.

  • Part 370 readiness assessments
  • Rules set articulation
  • Compliance consulting
  • Software and tools development
  • Examination preparation and support

Applications, Methods & Tools

Since its founding, Macro Solutions has implemented, maintained, integrated and enhanced financial and regulatory systems from legacy applications through custom-developed tools rooted in modern architecture and cloud technologies.  Throughout our work with government and commercial clients, Macro Solutions has carefully and thoughtfully handled sensitive data, adhering to the strictest of privacy requirements.

  • Data Ingest Engine and translation
  • Deposit Calculation Rules Engine
  • Data quality profiling and cleansing
  • Depositor insurability determination
  • Project and process management