Continuous Value Office

The CVO ensures that IT innovation can be continuously evaluated and integrated to meet the changing requirements of your mission, on time and at scale.

Inspired by DevSecOps and rooted in lean management principles, the CVO builds on the traditional values of program management, but is more targeted to making a direct, measurable impact on our customers’ mission, continuously, at scale. Federal markets of IT capability are becoming more and more crowded with proven, certified, stable capability, available now, on open standards platforms. Macro’s CVO services delivery teams leverage DevSecOps techniques and toolchains to design and continuously integrate innovations that help our customers meet and exceed mission requirements. The CVO is a fresh, responsive, proven approach to innovative enterprise architectures, services portfolio management and governance, IT services management and program reporting. By leveraging a CVO, Macro customers are demonstrating an ability to significantly lower IT operating expense, while delivering greater return on investments in application modernization and digital transformation.

Service Offering

Applications, Methods & Tools


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