Enabling IT-as-a-Service

A fresh, responsive, proven approach to innovative IT service design and delivery, service portfolio management and governance, IT services management and reporting.

The Federal IT industry faces unprecedented change as the need for a digital enterprise drives the adoption of innovative technology stacks, platforms, and emerging technologies. In 2020, Gartner estimates that Government IT will need to adopt fresh, transformative approaches to managing the IT services that enable their customers’ mission. However, building a responsive, service-driven IT operating model is daunting given the speed and complexity of new and emerging technologies. Our IT-as-a-Service methodology is encapsulated in our Continuous Value Office (CVO) which facilitates the services-driven approach and ensures that IT innovation can be continuously evaluated and integrated to meet the changing requirements of the mission, at scale.

By leveraging a CVO approach, Macro Solutions’ customers are demonstrating an ability to significantly lower IT operating expense, while delivering greater return on investments in application modernization and transformation to a digital enterprise.

Service Offering

capability, available now, on open standards platforms.  Enabling IT-as-a-Service is essential for any organization that wants to consume and deliver innovative capability. Our CVO provides the services planning, design, management, and operations necessary for success.

Macro Solutions designs, transforms and maintains IT-as-a-Service for our customers, providing:

  • Mission Enablement
  • Services Strategy Planning & Advisory
  • Services Portfolio & Services Architecture
  • Services Operations Planning

Mission Enablement is the goal of any service-based operating model and Business Architecture helps drive the success of the mission. IT Planning & Advisory produces a strategic viewpoint on the delivery of the mission-aligned service portfolio. Service Operations Planning ensures that the right processes and technologies are available to the right people to achieve the mission. And Service Portfolio & Service Architecture is the designing and defining of the portfolio of services (On-prem, Hybrid, SaaS, PaaS and IaaS) as well as the technical infrastructure and governance required to successfully deliver on the portfolio.

Applications, Methods & Tools

Macro Solutions delivers common elements of IT-as-a-Service in practice. These common elements are Business Architecture, Organizational Change Management, Solution Design and DevSecOps Patterns and Techniques.

Business Architecture – Establish the value streams that deliver customer outcomes by leveraging optimized business capabilities.

Organizational Change Management – Coach organizations to manage Agile teams toward effective, sustained organizational change and evolution.

Solution Design – Design standardized, secure, API-driven architectures from scalable services portfolios.

DevSecOps – Build secure, integrated application factory models for continuous delivery of application modernization.


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