Intelligent Solutions

Maximize your applications ROI.

Apply the potential of intelligent automation – Robotics Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence – to strategic enterprise-wide initiatives and reimagine how work is done.

How We Help

We offer end-to-end services from assessing your current process automation program and quickly applying cost-effective automations to designing an innovative automation pipeline. Let Macro Solutions be your trusted advisor, delivering the very best value to your organization your stakeholders.


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Our Intelligent Solution Services

Achieve intelligent automation at scale.

  • Assessment – Macro Solutions will provide the insights and a roadmap you will need to accelerate your current RPA / intelligent automation program.
  • Advisory – Macro Solutions can be your trusted intelligent automation advisor with tailorable services for program management, governance model design, stakeholder engagement planning, and more.
  • Innovation – Macro Solutions provides innovation services helping your organization stay ahead with emerging technologies, while remaining mission-focused, creating more stakeholder value.
  • Operations – Macro Solutions can run your entire automation pipeline, operate your help desk, monitor and measure performance and value, with customizable services to meet your program needs over time.

Sample Business and Functional Domains for Intelligent Solutions

Here are domains to consider where intelligent solutions are most relevant. Contact us to learn more.

  • Financial Management (Budget, Finance, Cost, Audit)
  • Service Management (Customer Relationship Management, IT Support Center)
  • Human Capital Management (Payroll, On/Offboarding, Benefits, Life Events Tracking, Time and Attendance, Expense)
  • Supply Chain Management (Acquisition, Contracts, Portals)


These are just some of the clients we’re proud to serve. View our contract vehicles here.