Cloud Transformation

An Agile Approach Applied to Systems Modernization

Systems modernization should simplify and strengthen, not complicate. Our systems modernization team works closely with clients to implement a straightforward three-step approach to modernize obsolete systems to desired technical vision:

  1. Investigate and Analyze. Based on our client’s target architecture vision, we probe the IT environment layer-by-layer while bringing in expertise to evaluate current technical environment for desired objectives like on-premise data center consolidation, migration to cloud infrastructure along with operating system re-platforming (including mainframe platforms), system interface enhancements for improved application use, data intelligence and more.
  2. Plan and Prioritize. With a thorough understanding of all resources, systems and methods, we prioritize modernization drivers, such as security, technical obsolescence, interoperability and application consolidation among other topics. We construct roadmaps to discuss modernization event sequences with stakeholders to build consensus on implementation plans.
  3. Craft and Implement. Finally, we craft detail backlogs and implementation tasks, in iterative sprints, to guide clients through client modernization efforts that might involve application replatforming (e.g. refactoring, recoding, or replacing applications), data processing, data analysis, exposing reusable open APIs, implementing automation tools, or implementing other tasks as necessary.

We recognize that a complete replacement of legacy systems with new, cloud-based technologies is a potentially costly and risky goal if undertaken all at once. Our preference is to leverage a scalable platform that would allow a decoupling of legacy systems through the use of flexible interfaces that isolate specific functionalities. We implement these changes in an iterative, agile fashion, working with our clients in short or long term engagements. These activities can be tailored for O&M team augmentations, one step executions or as a full modernization engagement to fit various contractual or operational requirements for our clients. To see a video or download a deck that addresses Federal System Modernization, click here.

Service Offering

  • Application Rationalization Roadmap
  • Iterative Re-platforming
  • Infrastructure Migration (On-premise/Off-premise/Hybrid)
  • Refactor/Recode/Replace Functionality
  • Data Processing, Analysis and Visualization
  • Operations, Maintenance and Enhancements

Applications, Methods & Tools

  • DevOps/Agile-enabled Automated Tooling (Build, Configuration, Release)
  • Integrated Digital Security (Threat Modeling, Penetration Testing)
  • Open APIs/Interoperability
  • Cloud Platforms/Cloud Migrations
  • Big Data (Analysis, Intelligence and Visualization)
  • Distributed Ledger Technology (Blockchain)


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