Cloud-Enabled Defense

Guiding DoD’s journey to the cloud – when downtime is not an option.

How does a DoD agency move its entire classified business systems infrastructure to the cloud—with virtually no downtime or disruption? With the help of specialized expertise, at the intersection of regulation and code.

For one DoD agency, meeting DoD cloud migration mandates meant the need for a different type of consulting partner. A traditional firm might be able to complete the technical objective. But with the agency’s 1,500-strong global user community relying on its business systems software to procure all goods and critical services, meeting technical objectives is only the start.

We approached the job with a deep understanding of DoD needs. These include procurement regulations, a classified environment, intra-agency interface communications, and the need to maintain audit compliance.  We then started translating the agency’s overall goals into corresponding enhancements to their COTS business systems software. One-on-one personal consultation from senior executives ensured that the agency’s unique strategic challenges were met in tandem with its mandated technical requirements.

As a result of Macro’s efforts, DoD procurement and other critical systems are more efficient than ever. For the first time, DoD business applications are migrated to a secure hybrid cloud environment, are fully auditable, and  FISCAM-compliant. Plus, through 11 software version changes with an aggressive schedule of 3 – 5 per year, the agency has seen no unscheduled system downtime or disruption.

Services Provided

  • Business process improvements and strategy
  • Requirements analysis and design services
  • Project Management Office (PMO) operations management services
  • Security monitoring and audit compliance services
  • Business systems interfaces monitoring


  • Oracle Database
  • Oracle WebLogic
  • Oracle Enterprise Manager
  • Linux & Windows Operating Systems

Results Achieved

  • Measurable improvements in operational efficiency and reductions of cycle times
  • Instantiation of CMMI Maturity Level 3 best practices
  • 100% on-time, on-budget project transitions
  • Increased performance through testing and resource optimization
  • Reduced regression testing time through automated testing
  • Maintained strong security posture with rigorous monitoring and patching routines
  • Technical and functional domain knowledge allowed for rapid problem resolution