Modernizing Health IT

They safeguard our health, so we safeguard their benefits.

How does the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) process payroll and benefits for over 80,000 personnel without missing a beat? One micro touch point at a time.

For HHS, personal involvement makes the difference between simply meeting basic requirements and finding meaningful opportunities for improvement.

Take into account the special needs of HHS’ divisions like the National Institute of Health (NIH), and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) – on Enterprise Human Resource and Payroll (EHRP) system has to process the hiring and paying of doctors, nurses and specialized scientists that cannot be processed by traditional pay schedules. These Title 38 and Title 42 provisions are supported by EHRP and permit HHS to attract and compensate these specialized employees.

Each year key annual processes are supported including Federal Employee Health Benefits Open Season, Pay Raises, Combined Federal Campaign, and Thrift Saving Program changes. Each year, the Macro Solutions team reviews and evaluates these processes in a lessons learned forum. These lessons learned serves as a basis to review and continue to improve these processes, looking for greater efficiencies or enhancements to support the HHS client.

A traditional, top-down consulting approach might succeed in patching the holes of a struggling system. But with one-on-one personal attention from senior leaders at every client engagement point, we helped HHS reinvent its process – from the bottom, up.

In fact, using CMMI Level-3 certified agile problem solving, we helped break down internal silos at the micro level – giving HHS leaders the power to make faster decisions, with more data at their fingertips.

Services Provided

  • Functional analysis
  • Requirements management
  • Application development and deployment
  • Operations support

Results Achieved

  • Transformed to lean operation, performing with 50% less staff within 18 months
  • 80,000 payroll recipients served, increased by 15% from project inception