Federal Regulatory Agency Agility

Modernizing government with agility – minimizing the risk.

How does a federal agency modernize using agile products and services without risking the farm? From the inside, outward.

High-risk, high-reward gambits might fly in the commercial sector. But when it comes to mission-critical public services banking regulation and insurance, the federal government has no margin for error.

So at Macro Solutions, we’re bringing the quality and velocity benefits of agile product development and services to modernizing government agencies in ways that maximize success rates while minimizing cost and risk.

Agile from the “inside, out” means fostering broad community support by engaging team members with a daily rhythm, tailoring processes and parameters on a micro scale, and guiding continuous improvement from all stakeholders, at all levels.

In fact, for one banking insurance agency in particular, we delivered agile service and application development transitions for 150 mission-critical project teams nationwide—including an entire service organization—on-time and on-budget in fewer than 90 days.

Services Provided

  • Agile mentoring and enterprise transition
  • Enterprise Agile application development
  • DevOps automated pipeline deployments with cloud targets
  • Salesforce platform-as-a-service application deployments
  • Incorporating federal security in on-prem and cloud applications
  • CI/CD development of Java, .NET and VB pipelines
  • Application modernization from obsolete platforms

Results Achieved

  • Significant improvement in the velocity of products and services delivered
  • Measurable reduction in delivery time
  • Board-recognized improvements in operational efficiency
  • Overall reduction in error rates
  • Multi-million dollar reductions in annual IT services budgets
  • Provide flexibility, and discover great solutions by learning and adapting